Midi Music

I have always had an interest in music, probably because it formed such a large part of our lives as I was growing up. The church was a big influence in the kind of music I listed to and sang, but when I left home and traveled I quickly became interested in a wide variety of music.

I think I had the first MIDI setup in Winnipeg, about 1986. At the time, the only way I could get an interface, the reliable old MPU-401, I had to order it from New York. At that time, it was just to hook a Korg DP-10 keyboard to my computer. The first little synth I had was a Yamaha-MT32, which was a great little machine for it's time. I've since gone through several others, and these days I use a Korg MIREX module, a P3 piano module, a Sound Blaster "LIVE" sound card, and my trusty old Korg DP-10 as a controller.

I got into MIDI because I needed an accompanist. I had married my accompanist in university, and we were together for 16 years. When we were divorced, I decided I wanted to create my own accompaniments to sing to, even though I could not play the piano. Therefore, all the music you hear from me has been step recorded, one note at a time.

I began using Cakewalk from the time it was first put on the market ($19 - would you believe it?). I found it in the small print at the back of a magazine. When I first got the program, I was using an old Tandy computer, and Cakewalk wouldn't run on it. I called the company, and Greg Hendershott answered the phone. He sent me a special patch a few days later so I could use the program on my Tandy. Throughout the years, he and I conversed and wrote back and forth numerous times, with his asking for my input as to how he could make his program more user-friendly. I haven't talked to him for several years now, and I rather doubt he's answering his own phone. He's probably a millionaire several times over, and I wish I'd bought shares in the company. I think it was obvious from the start that Cakewalk was going to be a big name in music software.

I now use Cakewalk Pro Audio. I had duplicated the music on this page with the Cakewalk version as well as the Midi I version, but removed the Cakewalk versions. If you want them, e-mail me and I'll send them to you.

The lyrics are included with the songs, but how they are reproduced will depend on your sequencer program.

All the music here is re-arranged in General Midi format using the Sound Blaster "LIVE" sounds. It's a very good sounding card and I use it in the "Concert Hall" environment. If you have an AWE 64 or an older AWE 32 or any GM card, just clicking on the MIDI file should result in the song sounding good. You can sing with all of these, but you should mute the melody track. It will sound better.

Anyway, here they are, with notes, and I hope you enjoy them. I'll be adding more, and providing some favorite music links as well.

My Tribute

This gospel song by Andre Crouch, arranged by Tom Fetke, is one of my favorites. The change of meter from 4/4 to 12/8 towards the end and my own addition of the high Bb at the end make it a tremendously powerful song to sing. Enjoy.

My Tribute - Midi

Ten Thousand Angels

This gospel song was one of my father's favorites. I sang it for him the last time I saw him, in a hospital room. Dad had a severe stroke that left him incapable of communicating. I never got through the song, but his hand movements, directing the music as he had for so many years in the little country church, let us know that he heard.

Ten Thousand Angels - Midi

The Wedding Song (There is Love)

How many "wedding songs" have been written? This one is one of my favorites, and lends itself well to midi guitar and bass. I used this very accompaniment to sing this song for many weddings, including my daughter's. This one sounds OK on the Sound Blaster, but I wish you could hear it with the great guitar sounds on the Korg M1.

Wedding Song - Midi

The Old Rugged Cross

This is a "southern style" piano accompaniment for an old favorite. It was arranged by Paul Severson for the Peterson Sisters. My Mom always liked this old song, so this is for her.

Old Rugged Cross - Midi

Be Still, My Soul

I don't play the keyboard. I know music, but dexerity is not my strong suit. However, I would like to be able to play, and midi makes it possible. I put each separate note of music in one at a time, and then massage the notes, timing, volume, etc. until I get a piece that sounds like I would like it to sound if I could play. That's what this piece is. "Be Still, My Soul" is an absolutely beautiful melody, and I hope you like this sequence.

Be Still, My Soul - Midi

The Rose

"The Rose" has long been a favorite of mine. I arranged the song from sheet music, and although it is fairly straightforward, don't let the bells in the third verse throw you.

The Rose - Midi

Internet Finds

The songs that follow were downloaded from the Internet. I re-arranged them for the AWE 64 and changed a few minor things, that's all. On some of them I added lyrics so I could sing with them. I really like some of the Bee Gees music, especially "Words", and hope you'll enjoy singing these songs too. You'll find "Words" in the karaoke section.

I'll be adding to this section from time to time, so re-visit.

Words - Midi
How can You Mend a Broken Heart? - Midi
Blue Bayou - Midi
Dream a Little Dream of Me - Midi
Down on the Corner - Midi